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Remote Grain Storage Management

The future of grain storage management. Remote access to mobile or desktop devices—anywhere, anytime. Timely in-bin grain storage data will update directly to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with automatic 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

  • Remote control of your fans, up to 80% reduction in run-time*

  • Weather station integration assists with fan control. OPI’s weather station provides reliable information about the ambient temperature and relative humidity conditions and then calculates the Equilibrium Moisture Content.

  • Hourly grain temperature and moisture readings.

  • Grain inventory levels.

  • Ability to view bins and multiple sites in a simple user interface.

  • New features automatically download.

OPI blue features

  • Remote control of your fans, up to 80% reduction in run-time

  • Hourly grain temperature and moisture readings

  • Grain inventory levels

  • Weather station integration for ambient temperature and relative humidity conditions

  • Equilibrium Moisture Content calculations

  • PC, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) compatible

  • Ability to view all bins at once

  • New features automatically download from the internet

  • Historic data stored securely and backed up online

  • Enabled for remote troubleshooting

OPI Solar Node
OPI CO2 Monitoring

CO2 Detection

  • Easy to install and cost-effective system provides early detection of grain spoilage.

  • Integrated with OPI Blue’s complete grain management ecosystem.

  • Sensor accuracy of 50 ppm up to 2,000 ppm.

  • Customize user threshold alarms to suit your operation.

CO2 is an early indicator of grain spoilage. As insects and mold grow and multiply, they produce CO2. OPI introduced a new Grain Quality Sensor last month that indicates levels of CO2 allowing users to aerate their grain. This feature can be installed as a stand-alone or to supplement an existing cable system. It can be installed on a full bin to improve monitoring, whereas cable systems require an empty bin.


This equipment is a great entry point for anyone looking to get started with in-bin monitoring. However, we advise the complete monitoring system that includes cables, sensors, and fan automation if desired. The full system alerts to CO2 while the sensors in the grain tell you where the problem is, then you can use that data to make an educated decision. Get started today by responding to this email!

Remote Grain Storage Remote Connectivity  to manage and optimize your stored assets with fan control

OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers hourly grain storage information to your mobile or desktop devices and allows you to turn on your fans remotely. No more driving to your bins to plug in. Now you can access your critical grain storage information wherever you work, live, or play. OPI Blue can be incorporated into your current OPI grain management system using existing cabling or purchased as a new system.

Increase profits by maximizing quality, reducing loss, and minimizing shrink. Manage your grain with confidence.

OPI Blue gives you peace of mind. The system monitors your grain 24/7 and alerts you before spoilage conditions occur.

OPI Fan Control
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