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AgFiniti from Ag Leader

Query Fields to Learn More

Analyze yield factors by querying and layering areas of the field to generate simple yield comparison reports.

Do More In-Depth Analysis

AgFiniti integrates with Ag Leader’s robust analysis platform, SMS Software. Data is automatically synced to SMS for further analysis and can easily be shared back to displays through AgFiniti.

Generate Prescriptions

Generate prescriptions in AgFiniti in real-time without having to know how to write an equation or understand soil chemistry. AgFiniti does the work! 

View Remote Displays

Use AgFiniti to access InCommand displays for calibrating, equipment setup, troubleshooting and more!

AgFiniti web
AgFiniti Mobile 2

See it Live

Gain full visibility with field progress with a live map across connected displays and devices.

Track Your Fleet

Know exactly where everyone in your operation is located and what they’re doing with live stat icons and mapping. 

Real-time Stats

See speed, direction, fleet location, as well as season-specific stats such as planting population, application rate, harvest yield and more!

View Progress

See a live map of harvest progress as well as combine tank with live grain counter visible on all connected displays and iPads. 

AgFiniti Mobile

A software solution for every season

Precision farming is about answering questions that can make you more profitable in all your field activity. SMS Software is an easy-to-use decision-making tool to help you capture the most out of every acre.


  • Choose seed based on historic yield performance

  • Create planter performance reports and charts 

  • Satisfy government reporting needs


  • Track variable rate application operations

  • Record application operations record keeping

  • Create variable rate prescriptions


  • Analyze harvest data

  • Discover yield trends using multiple years’ data

  • Create harvest reports and charts or use query tools

Field Stewardship

  • Manage soil sampling

  • Create field tile plans

  • Download soil survey maps and view aerial and road background maps 

  • Plan and document crop plans and practices

SMS Basic

SMS Basic

Turn field data into smart management decisions using information gathered from planting through harvest.

SMS Basic has an intuitive interface makes it easy to produce a variety of reports, charts and maps. Wizards walk you through the simple steps to help you run built-in analysis tools. Created by Ag Leader, it works seamlessly as a part of our entire precision package – from hardware like the InCommand to other precision ag data sources like soil samples, satellite imagery and other proprietary systems. SMS is compatible with any of the industry leading equipment: AgLeader, John Deere, Case, New Holland, Raven, Trimble and more. If you are running a mixed fleet or want to be in control of your own data and decisions SMS is the premium information management system. 

SMS Advanced

SMS Advanced

SMS Advanced couples the tremendous ease of use of SMS Basic with power that will rival or exceed any software currently on the market. Features such as expanded Batch Processing and Integrated 3D Mapping plus powerful analysis functions including Attribute Comparisons, Equation Writing, Multi-Year Averaging, NDVI Data Creation, and Profit/Loss Mapping, SMS Advanced provides the tools to get results from your data. SMS is fully compatible with any of the industry leading equipment: AgLeader, John Deere, Case, New Holland, Raven, Trimble and more. If you are running a mixed fleet or servicing a wide variety of clients, SMS is the premium information management system.

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