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A great week at the InfoAg Conference

I have just concluded a great week at the InfoAg Conference in Springfield, Illinois. There were over 550 people in attendance this week from all over the world, and some very good information presented.

I was very honored to be invited as a speaker this week, and gave a presentation about the Iowa RTN. This was a pretty comfortable topic for me with all of the testing and research I have done this spring. My presentation was the first part of a split session with Tim Norris, owner of Agronomic Information Technologies in Ohio. Tim presented information about his experience with the Ohio DOT network. It was great to hear his presentation, and it was also wonderful to catch up with him and visit about our experiences using very similar technologies on different networks.

Lots of new product information was announced, including planned developments, new information about some products that have been previously announced, and some new vendor alliances in the industry.

This conference was also a great opportunity to network with vendors and other service providers in the Precision Ag Industry – sort of a “class reunion” for some of us.

One of my collegues made the comment that we are entering into “Precision Ag 2.0” meaning that we are near seeing the industry revolutionized, and capturing and processing the data seemed to be the common theme among several at the conference. I agree with this train of thought, that we will see a whole new set of tools and uses in the industry, but I would argue that this would be Precision Ag 3.0 as the industry has already made some great and rapid changes since the first days of the yield monitor.

One thing is for sure, this is an exciting industry to be around, and we are going to see some great things down the road!

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