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IaRTN update

Below is the lastest e-mail I received from the Iowa DOT about the RTN. Sounds like the problem is rooted pretty deeply. I disagree with the statement about “networks world-wide that are experiencing somewhat similar problems.” I spoke in depth with a collegue last week running on the Ohio DOT network with none of these problems.

There isn’t a lot to report on the progress to determine the cause or resolution of the current issue. Leica Geosystems reference station personnel have been here, and their testing has not been able to find any problems in their firmware, software and hardware. It appears that is not just an issue with the IaRTN, and there are networks world-wide that are experiencing somewhat similar problems. Therefore Leica has turned their focus on outside influences.

In order to try to find commonalities of the problem, Leica would like specific user feedback on the problems encountered in the field. I will be forwarding each of you later this week, a list of specific details that Leica would like to get from every user experiencing any issues.

I had hoped this issue could be resolved quickly, but it may take some time. There doesn’t appear to be much that can be done to help the initialization problem. We suggest performing GPS planning (due to the periods of low satellite numbers and poor geometry), using single baseline RTK (especially for vertical repeatability), and prudent checking of results (both vertical & horizontal). Good surveying practice and knowing the limitations of your GPS equipment, will determine whether use of the IaRTN or a conventional base radio setup is warranted during this period. Hopefully Leica can get the problems resolved on this network soon.

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