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Gearing up for Fall

All across the farming community, it is starting to happen. Machinery is getting serviced and prepared for harvest, some are trading up to a newer piece of machinery. In the process of getting everything ready, don’t forget about your precision ag equipment. Spending a bit of time getting the technology ready now can ensure that your data will be accurate, as well as save on frustrating hold ups during harvest. The obvious things are to check cabling for damage and make sure everything is secure, as well as check the flow sensor for wear, but there are some other things that need attention as well and often get overlooked. If you don’t feel comfortable checking these things over, or want to have one of our expert technicians tackle this for you, contact HTS and ask about our Precision Maintenance Plan. This plan offers onsite pre-season checks of your equipment as well as priority phone support in season. Below is a list of items to check from Ag Leader, but most of them will apply to pretty much any yield monitor system on the market.

Pre-harvest Checklist

  1. Clear Data from the card

  2. Clear Loads

  3. Change / Create field names

  4. Set Grain Type For Each Field

  5. Set Swath Width – (for each grain type)

  6. Stop Height Calibration – (for each grain type)

  7. Vibration Calibration – (for each grain type)

  8. Temperature Calibration

  9. Distance Calibration

Checklist of Things To Do During Harvest

  1. Moisture Calibration – (for each grain type)

  2. Grain Weight Calibration – (for each grain type)

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