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What is a Technology Advisor? 


As a farmer, when you want a chemical to kill a specific weed in your field, often you will enlist the expertise of an agronomist, who will make a recommendation for a specific product.  Very likely it isn’t the only product that will accomplish the job, but through research and probably first-hand experience, there was one specifically picked out for you.  That knowledge and experience is of great value, as you are now equipped with exactly what you need to have a good outcome and kill the weed you were looking to target. You don’t have to be a chemical expert, just know someone that is. 

The same situation can be played out when selecting hybrids and varieties of crops to plant on your fields, as there is no shortage of choices and it’s difficult to do enough research to deeply understand all the data that your seed specialist has focused their time and energy on to give you the best options based on your environment. 

Now let’s talk about technology for your farming operation.  There are many different places where technology now plays a role in your farming operation, and a lot of information to digest in hopes of achieving a good outcome implementing the technology.  Some technology requires a change from how you have previously done something, other technology simply makes the job at hand easier for you to do.  The technology industry has been and remains one of the fastest changing industries in the world, so it is very difficult to stay on top of all there is to know about the topic. 

This is where the HTS Ag team comes in.  Our management team invests countless hours and miles attending trade events, conferences, and researching companies to make sure we deliver solutions from industry leading partners like Ag Leader Technology, OPI Advanced Grain Management Systems, Autel Robotics, DJI, and others.   Our staff are highly trained by our partners and have a wide range of hands-on experience that enables us to know how a specific piece of technology can impact your business. 

When you talk to one of our Technology Advisors, you are tapping into a professional resource with the knowledge to provide you with a good outcome.  It starts with understanding what challenges you are facing, then recommending a specific solution or a suite of solutions that work together to make a job easier, increase profitability, or reduce the time it takes to complete the job. 

A consultation with one of our Technology Advisors is the “easy” button for improving your operation by implementing technology.  This is a place where you can benefit by enlisting the services of an industry expert.  Give us a call today and we can help you make smart investments in technology. 

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