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FAA Remote ID in effect March 16th, 2024

HTS Ag wanted to take a moment to remind you that the FAA Remote ID rule goes into effect March 16th. Any drone in the air, must broadcast it’s location and pilot information equipped internally or have a Remote ID beacon. If you are flying a drone you’ve bought in the last year, you are more than likely compliant, but check your drone settings to confirm. If your aircraft is not equipped, you can purchase a small remote ID beacon (such as the one available from Pierce Aerospace) to be up to snuff for putting your drone in the air. Details on the rule and more information HERE.


We also would make you aware of a special offer going on now with Autel Robotics. Autel has announced a special trade-in incentive. Between now and May 31st you can trade in your current Autel Evo II V1 or V2 for a 30% discount on a new Autel Evo II V3. This is a great way to upgrade your drone and be compliant with FAA regulations.


This is a limited time sale and if you’re interested in either the trade offer or purchase of a remote identification module, please contact Matt Maus, UAS Advisor for HTS Ag.

800-741-3305 or email

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