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HTS Ag partners with Hylio to offer spray drones

HARLAN, IA - Revolutionizing the face of agriculture, HTS Ag is excited to partner with Hylio, a Texas-based spray drone manufacturer, bringing the latest technology to producers across the Midwest.

"Much like we have experienced with helping to pioneer automation on planters in previous years, we believe this cutting-edge technology will once again change how farms operate." says Adam Gittins, General Manager of HTS Ag. "Drone technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and we felt it is important to partner with a company that can deliver a best in class product built in the USA."

"HTS Ag's in-depth knowledge of midwestern agriculture combined with their industry-leading experience with drones made a perfect fit with Hylio." says Arthur Erickson, CEO and Co-founder at Hylio. "Many farmers aren’t aware that this crop spraying drone technology is already here and capable of adding value to their farms today; we love working with partners like HTS Ag because they bridge that gap between us and the farmers/operators that could be benefiting from our tech"

About HTS Ag

HTS Ag provides High Tech Solutions for Agriculture. Since 1995 we’ve been serving customers in Iowa and surrounding states.

Our passionate and knowledgeable team is focused on solving challenges and can create a customized technology solution for any sized farming operation to maximize our customers’ return on investment by improving efficiency, reducing cost, improving yields, increasing margins, and improving environmental impact.

As professional, trusted advisors we emphasize to growers the importance of collecting, storing, protecting, and analyzing data to glean information that can be used to make sound agronomic and business decisions.

For more information, contact HTS Ag at 800-741-3305 and check out their website at

About Hylio

Hylio creates autonomous, crop spraying drones that are easy to use and reliable. Our mission is to make farming easier and more successful for everyone. We are proudly American owned and operated; supporting our customers is our top priority.

Using Hylio’s proprietary software, operators are able to plan and assign targeted spray missions to the drones; the drones then execute these missions autonomously. By directly treating the problem areas, instead of taking a blanket approach, farmers both reduce costs while increasing yields.

Aside from precision spraying, Hylio’s drones are often cheaper, safer, and more accurate than traditional spraying methods for broadcast treatments; a fleet of Hylio AgroDrones can cover 500+ acres per day.

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Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson

Incredibly exciting technology. This could be helpful to decrease the amounts of pesticides needed to control yield-compromising weeds and bugs.

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