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Spring clinic recap


Earlier in March, HTS Ag held a Spring Clinic at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls. After a miscommunication on actual location of the training (Frank’s fault), the event got underway with over 30 central Iowa growers in attendance.

Technology Advisor for the area, Zach Meester, welcomed everyone who came and started the event with a refresh on Ag Leader monitor set up and answered some user specific questions.

Brandon Fischer, Service Manager, walked the crowd through Planter Maintenance and what to check over and look for before hitting the field. (Side Note: If you have a service plan, we’ll come out and do that for you.)

President Adam Gittins gave a pretty great reminder on the availability and use of AgFiniti and SMS from Ag Leader. It’s a user friendly and great way to manage and store your data for decision making in your operation.

Zach wrapped the clinic up with a look into sprayer settings and highlighted Ag Leader’s RightSpot system.

All in all, the day was a success and we wanted to thank the growers for their time and the staff at Ellsworth Community College for the event space for our meeting.

We’re currently in the planning stages of putting this information in a digital format where we can share it with growers to watch on demand.

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