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Where did I plant that hybrid?

One of the pain areas that has come up during this harvest season is the moisture of the corn crop. A few of the hybrids out there have dried down pretty well, but the vast majority of the corn in the field is still pretty wet. If you have an Insight that you planted with in your combine, this process is extremely simple. The Insight has a feature that allows you to use Variety Tracking, and if using that, you can also opt to use automatic region changing. In other words, this system will automatically change regions ( or loads) on the display to show the information for each hybrid, including yield and moisture. You also would have a color background map to show where in the field you planted a specific hybrid or variety. This has helped out in my operation as i quickly knew which hybrid to put on the semi headed to town and which one needed to go in the bin for some drying. One more way technology has paid off by saving in drying costs at the elevator.

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